Wellington Go Club

A friendly space to learn and to play the ancient game of Go (a.k.a. baduk, weiqi, igo).

Like chess, Go is an ancient strategy board game for all ages. Go has elegant, simple rules, yet incredible complexity.
The Wellington Go Club (WGC) meets on Mondays at 5:30pm, at the Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant in the CBD.
It's free, and everyone is welcome including beginners. There is always someone who is happy to teach new players.


Go is an ancient game dating back almost 5000 years.

What is Go?

Go (known as wéiqí 圍棋 in Chinese, baduk 바둑 in Korean, and igo 囲碁 in Japanese) is an ancient strategy board game where two players aim to surround the most territory on a 19 x 19 grid. The rules are simple: two players place stones (white and black respectively) on the board one at a time. If a stone is completely surrounded by the opponent's stones, it is captured. The aim is to capture more total territory on the board than your opponent. Find out more about how to play in our links for beginners section

A few moments to learn, a lifetime to master.

The 19 x 19 board gives an immense number of possibilities for each move. Due to its vast complexity, Go was the last game in the world to remain unsolved by computers, right up until 2016 when Google AI, AlphaGo, defeated several world Go champions in a series of widely publicised tournaments.

About WGC

The Wellington Go Club (WGC) is a small but active and friendly community. Go is truly a game for all ages, and we can cater to teaching people of any age, even as young as 5 years old. There is no membership fee to join, as most of our events are casual drop-ins at public venues. Some larger events may ask for a small koha to cover the cost of venue hire. For more information about the club, feel free to get touch with Fergus Roache at fergusroachenz@gmail.com or by using the contact form below.


The Wellington Go Club meets every Monday at 5:30pm, at the Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant, located at 39 Abel Smith St just off Cuba Street in the CBD. They have great food and beverages for those wanting to grab a bite or a drink.

It is a very casual drop-in meetup, so there is no obligation to come every week. Currently, our members range from new beginners to 4 dan amateur.

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to get in touch, or join our Facebook group to stay in the loop.

Over the summer, we have Stones in the Park at the Botanic Gardens. This is a casual get-together to play some go and to enjoy the sunshine. See our Facebook group, or contact us for more details.

We welcome lectures from experienced players and visiting guests, as these are a key way to improve your skills. If you are interested in giving a lecture, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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Whether you are interested in playing, giving a lecture, proposing an event or just learning a bit more about Go, feel free to contact Fergus at fergusroachenz@gmail.com, or fill out the form below.